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Review of Bed Head Deep Waver

Before I start this review I need to confess a certain amount of personal bias: I am an inveterate, unrepentant Bed Head fan. Made by the professional hair care experts at Tigi, the Bed Head line has been my one of my favorite brands of hair-care products for at least 15 years. From Moisture Maniac to The Manipulator (the absolute best hair texturizer on the planet), Tigi’s products are consistently high quality, accessible and inexpensive compared to similar salon brands.

Now that that is out in the open, let’s take a look at this product and how it performs. I will try to be impartial, and point out some negatives in the product later in this review.

Тhe Good

The Bed Head Deep Waver is essentially a curling iron, designed to create soft, loose “beachy” waves. Unlike typical triple-barreled wavers, it features two plates shaped in an exaggerated “S” pattern that you clamp over a length of hair and hold for a short time. Release the clamp and — voila — you’ve got waves. It seems very easy to use, and from what I could see, it does a pretty good job. The customer images on Amazon show about a half-dozen young girls sporting soft, flowing wavy hair.

The iron has three settings, low, medium and high. It comes in two colors, a pretty teal, and bright fuchsia, which doesn’t affect performance at all but is a nice plus. At 1.2 pounds it is a bit heavy; I imagine it would be uncomfortable to hold for a long time. However, virtually everyone says it gets very hot, so styling is generally quick. One caveat. As is the case with most curlers, this model only works on completely dry hair, so styling time starts after you blow dry your hair.

The Waver comes with a “styling guide”, but according to some, this is merely a basic guide to using the tool. This is unfortunate because I think many problems could be avoided with some detailed styling tips.

The Bad

Reading through the reviews of this product on Amazon, one thing is apparent — how well it works depends on two main factors: the user’s hair type and that hard-to-define quality known as “operator skill.” The most common complaint about the waver is that it burned the person’s hair or created crimps or frizz rather than soft, flowing waves.

But according to this article on Web MD, those kinds of issues usually are the result of using the tool improperly rather than a flaw in the product itself. Some hair types are harder to work with than others — fine hair and very coarse hair, for instance, are both notoriously difficult to curl. On the other hand, many people who used the deep waver and reported positive results said that their hair was difficult to work with, too. So, the problems may come down to simple operator error (as is often the case), or people expecting a styling tool to correct problems that a styling tool can’t fix, such as over-processed, poorly maintained or plain old damaged hair.


  • trustworthy Bed Head brand;
  • 3 heat settings;
  • heats up fast;
  • works on all kinds of hair;
  • plates lock in place for travel;
  • dual voltage (with adapter).


  • gets very hot;
  • doesn’t curl all hair;
  • can create frizz;
  • no detailed styling guide.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Bed Head Deep Waver seems like a pretty solid tool that lives up to the Bed Head name. Over 80% of almost 500 reviews on Amazon gave it 4 or 5 stars, which is about as good as it gets. If you are looking for a more traditional curling iron, try the Bed Head Orange Crush 1-inch Styler. But if you are going for the popular beachy look, the Waver is your best bet.