Placements and recruitments are a yardstick for excellence in a management college. At Llyod we believe in enhancing the quality of its students and the strength of our corporate relationships that have been built over the years. Our Recuiters ManpowerGroup is a $21 Billion US based fortune 500 company; with a worldwide network of 3000 offices in 80 countries & territories and Safexpress and its clients e- Commerce companies, more

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Student Mentoring:

The entire strength of students are allotted in small groups to faculty members. Our mentors are both friends and role models who support and encourage a younger partner in his/her academic and personal growth. He/she is a guide who helps a young person make the difficult change from school to college. The traits of our mentors include wisdom, knowledge, experience, amiability and the patience to nurture a newcomer into becoming a professional. They make the pupils feels comfortable in sharing questions as well as any uncertainties, fears or issues they may have along the way.

Lloyd BizMonitor:

Lloyd BizMonitor is a monthly program organized at the campus, which is organized by the students, for the students under a faculty guide. Here at Lloyd we aim at all around development of our students, in an effort to inculcate a habit of newspaper reading amongst our students we organize this event, whereby a team of five- eight different students is chosen every time who keep collecting the entire month's data of the newspaper and prepare a quiz which is then organized by them in the college seminar hall. The quiz is then followed by inspiring videos and something new as per the creativity of the group organizing the event.

B-Plan Competition:

A business plan is a road map that provides directions so a business can plan its future and helps it avoid bumps in its road to success. At Lloyd we organize B-Plan competition to develop business acumen among our students and encourage students to become future entrepreneurs. The event is aimed at encouraging students to unleash their inventive potential, and flesh out ideas spanning multiple dimensions, this serves not only as a launch pad for budding ideas, but now has moved to be recognized as a platform for intensive learning.

Quizzoc Sapient:

Quizzoc Sapient is a regular event at Lloyd which is held on different subjects ranging from academic subjects to natural general knowledge questions or specific technical quiz and other related stuffs. Through this event, the students are cinched to discover, develop and hone skills that will be helpful later in life. The quiz comprises of different questions extracted from different subjects and topics such as science and technology (physics, chemistry and biology), mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry and even calculus), social science and general knowledge (sports, facts, trivia, current events, entertainment, music, and the like) and information technology.

Finishing School:

The institution follows the concept of effective 'Finishing School'. It incorporates in itself all those effective skills which any prospective budding professional requires to acquire at the threshold of starting his/ her career. Though every step is taken from the start of a new session, to build a corpus of development in the psyche of the students for building communication skills, resume development, formal business dressing, writing of applications, business presentation skills- aligned to the skills of developing power point templates etc, yet it has always been an earnest endeavor at Lloyd that students are well placed in organizations. Business executives from Industry, personality development experts, communication building skill trainers and dedicated faculty members participate as resource persons to increase the employability quotient of the students.

The objective behind these classes is to offer a well-rounded education in a less formal environment than the academic classroom. Extramural activities expose the students to the great diversity of experiences that the industry has to offer.

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  • Lloyd encourages learners to challenge existing paradigms.