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Hair Loss Product Comparsion

All the best shampoo for men products and described below are well-known products and have been rated in terms of the highest criteria – safety, effectiveness, and price. These are the three most important elements of hair loss treatments.


Propecia is the brand name of the drug finasteride, which is often sold as Proscar. Produce by Merck and Company, Inc., Propecia is the first approved drug for slowing/reducing hair loss on the top and middle sections of the head and scalp. So far, it has not been effective in combating the thin hairline associated with male pattern baldness – the receding horseshoe effect.

Propecia works by blocking the enzyme 5 alpha reductase that lowers the levels of DHT in the body. This is the prime enzyme that is responsible for converting Testosterone to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) Because DHT is responsible for attacking and reducing hair follicles in those that are genetically disposed, it is assumed that blocking the DHT levels will reduce hair loss.

Propecia can cause some rather negative side effects, including impotence in some users and erectile difficulty. As well, Propecia has shown to cause an increase of blackheads and oil on the skin of the face in some users. Propecia carries a risk of defects in babies and should never be taken by pregnant women. Once you start taking Propecia, you need to continue. Results, if seen, will happen after about month 3.

Rogaine / Minoxidil

Rogaine is a hair loss product designed by Pfizer and is a popular non-prescription hair loss product for the promotion of hair regrowth. Rogaine has some effects, mostly created if the product enters the system through an open wound. One side effect of Rogaine is red, irritated and itchy skin at the area of application. If too much Rogaine is accidentally applied, it can cause systemic absorption leading to itching, rash, redness, and swelling. Rogaine use must be continued permanently, or hair loss will begin again. Like many prevention products on the market, Rogaine binds to the follicle causing a temporary protection against DHT.

Male users should detect hair regrowth within eight months, female users within 12 months.

Hair Replacements / Hair Systems

A hair replacement/hair system is also referred to as a non-surgical hair system. This usually involves one of many methods of securing either synthetic or real hair to existing hairs on the scalp. In this fashion, new hair can cover areas of balding. The biggest knock on this type of hair loss replacement is that the systems usually do not look real enough. Non-surgical systems – wigs, toupees and the like, are mass produced, and usually tend to look fake and not like the recipient’s real hair, as everyone’s hairline and scalp are different.

The price range for these systems are anywhere from $100 to $1000 U.S. Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) This surgical technique involves taking healthy, non-dht sensitive hairs from the donor area and re-grafting these hair follicles into the affected balding areas. The advantage of this method is that the newly transplanted hair follicles, usually in groups of 1 to 5 hair units, are non susceptible to DHT attack because they are taken from areas on the donor that are not DHT- sensitive – the very name of the scalp and areas where the hair are somewhat immune to the process. This means that newly transplanted hair follicles will remain more immune to the dht process in balding.

This method is time-consuming, and although very effective, is very costly. Most hair graft centers charge between 5-10 $ per graft. Depending on the severity of the hair loss, this can cost over $10000 U.S.

Inhairit Hair Loss Product

The Inhairit Hair Loss Product is a topical natural solution which is applied to the areas of balding on the scalp. Inhairit works by significantly reducing 5-alpha-reductase (the enzyme that produces DHT) thus acting as a DHT Blocker. By eliminating DHT production, which causes the hair follicle to become small, weak and inactive, the hair follicle gets a new life by getting blood circulation and proper nutrients and thus reducing the effects of male hair loss and female hair loss. New and healthy hair emerges from the follicles and the production of new and healthy hair continues. Inhairit penetrates through the skin, detoxifying and removing waste. Besides removing toxins it reinforces nutrients to the area of the hair root, bulb, and papilla. Stimulates and increases circulation in the scalp area which boosts hair regrowth. Inhairit neutralizes toxin-building agents and ensures supply of quality nutrients. This prevents hair root weakness and dormant hair growth.

This hair loss product is reasonably priced – at $34.95, which will last for 4-5 weeks.

In conclusion, we believe that (in order) Inhairit then Propecia, followed by Rogaine provide the best results for the money you spend on a treatment.