Curling wand

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Good Curling Wands

If you plan to attend a party, go on a date, or just want to change your hairstyle, good curling wands may come in handy. A curling wand is a thermal hairstyling tool that is used to create ringlets or waves. The part of the wand that curls the hair is actually a heated barrel. You have to wind your hair around this heated barrel in order to reshape each and every one of your locks. With the help of your curling wand, you can achieve spirals, loose curls, or tight curls.

You need to get the right size of the barrel because it will determine how to lose your locks are going to be. If you want really tight curls, then you should get a thin barrel. On the other hand, if you prefer big lovely curls, you should get a thicker barrel. In order for you to get precisely formed coils, you need to have a spiral curling iron. Ideally, you should choose the one that features grooves along the length of the heated barrel.

If you are in search of good curling wands, then you should consider the following products. These curling wands are among the most popular in the market today, so they are worthy to be included in your list of options.

Ivation Professional 3+1-Pc Flexible Hair Curling Iron Set

This curling wand features three clip-free barrels that are made from ceramic. They come in different sizes and shapes to allow for maximum versatility. You can get any type of curl using this curling wand – from tight curls to beachy waves. The possibilities are endless with this product. You can even use it to experiment with big curls and small curls combined.

It also features a digital display and temperature color. If you take a look at the buttons designed to control the temperature, you will notice that there is a digital display just above it. It displays the present level of heat represented by red and blue colors. These colors will tell you whether or not you are raising the heat level.

This curling wand makes use of ceramic tourmaline technology, which can give you a guarantee that your hair stays smooth and safe while also sporting shiny curls that can last all day. The tourmaline releases negative ions that contradict positive ones found in damaged or dry hair; hence, it helps seal in moisture in the hair, allowing it to reduce frizzing.

Another great feature that you will surely enjoy from this curling wand is that it has a shut off function. Whenever you are not using this cool, it shuts down automatically. The auto shut off function is so convenient that you no longer have to worry about leaving it unattended. If unattended for quite some time, this device shuts down on its own.

Furthermore, it is high powered and boasts of selectable heat universal. Using this curling wand not only heats up within a few seconds, but it also retains a steady high heat. With every curl, you will surely achieve the look that you want. You do not even have to worry about it after rush hour.

As for its high powered and selectable heat universal, this curling wand has proven itself to be worthy. You can easily adjust it based on your level of satisfaction. For instance, you can adjust the heat level of your hair with another person whose adjustable range is from 150˚F until 430˚F. You will also be glad to know that this product comes with a bonus tubular hot brush.

Cortex 4 In One Curling Iron Set

This curling wand features four ceramic or tourmaline heads that are interchangeable. Their measurements are as follows: ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 ¼ inch, and 1 ½ inch. The other barrel sizes are 2 inches, 1 inch, ½ inch, and tapered if you want spiral curls. Thanks to its negative ions, you can have smoother and silkier hair.

It also makes use of far-infrared technology, which ensures the even distribution of heat while also preventing potential damage to your hair. You can control it to heat up to 430˚F. Do not worry about burning your hand and fingers because it comes with a heat resistant glove. The product dimensions of this curling wand are 12.5 inches x 4.4 inches x 2.2 inches, and it weighs one pound.

However, unlike Ivation Professional, it does not have an automatic shut off feature, so you cannot leave it unattended. If you are not using it, you better turn it off to avoid accidents. Nevertheless, you can use this curling wand for all types of hair. So, whether your hair is thick or fine, you will surely achieve your desired results.

With the use of good curling wands, there is no more need for you to go to the salon and pay an expensive price for salon-grade results. Thanks to these products, you can easily style your own hair at home. It is recommended that you invest in a good curling wand that you can use over and over. You will achieve professional results at a fraction of the cost. Just make sure that you apply heat protective serum or setting lotion first. You need to protect your hair against the heat. This is especially true if your hair is permed or color-treated.

When shopping for a curling wand, there are only two basic factors that you have to consider: its shape and size. Determine what shape of curling wand will give you your desired results. Likewise, you need to determine the size that works best for your hair. Since the above-mentioned curling wands have barrels of different sizes that are interchangeable, you will not have a problem achieving your desired curls.

If you are on a budget, you may also browse around to compare prices. Then again, see to it that you do not skimp on quality. As much as possible, you should invest in a high-quality curling wand that can last you a long time.